Mnemonic Phrase Backup

Mnemonic phrase refers to the unique 12-word phrase that is randomly generated when a user creates a new wallet.

Given that imToken does not store users’ confidential info (mnemonic phrase, private keys, keystore, wallet password) on its servers, users are encouraged to carefully backup their mnemonic phrase by writing it down safely and keeping it in a safe place far from the reach of prying eyes. This is important in order to enable them regain access to their wallet in the event of phone loss, theft, damage, or unintentional unistallation of the app.

Simply by following the steps below, users can back up their mnemonic phrase.

  1. Select “My Profile” tab >> Tap identity icon

2. Tap “Backup Identity”

  1. Enter wallet password.

  2. Carefully write down the mnemonic phrase noting the correct sequence of each word.


Mnemonic is very import for you. Don’t tell anyone!And backup it by offline



Your english are very good​:sunglasses:


If you’ve received ERC20 Token on your blockchain wallet Ethereum address and unable to access it. Then you can simply backup your blockchain wallet seed phrase and recover wallet by seed phrase on ImToken wallet. You’ll then able to access your ERC20 Tokens associated with your Ethereum address.

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