How to get TFT Token

How to get a TFT Token. Please advise in comments. Thanks


This TFT is not imToken Fans TFT, be careful.



Participate In imToken Fans Forum Building And Get TFT

Forum users who have reached the trust level of “Member” will be able to obtain TFT.

  • Read 200 posts
  • Post reading time accumulated over 24 h
  • Log in to the forum for a total of 45 days
  • Receive 50 likes
  • Give 10 likes

Note: TFT is issued in the last week of each month

According to the official expression, I think this goal is easier to achieve, at present the official activities such as internal testing are still relatively small, for the accumulation of praise you can choose to leave a message below everyone together praise efforts to achieve the official standard to obtain TFT.