imToken on Security: Why Computer Encryption Helps

Many people who are new in the crypto market interact with projects via wallets, like MetaMask or imToken. I sure trust the wallet like my banking app, and you sure do too. However, like your bank card may be stolen, your assets also may be stolen whether they have been saved with a wallet or exchange — if you don’t pay attention.

Statistics show that since October 2020 the number of scams skyrocketed, with more than 7,000 people losing more than $80 million on scams. That is nearly 1,000 % more than the same period the previous year.

If you don’t want to be a part of the statistic, we suggest you learn some crypto knowledge with us :blush:

Why Computer Encrypt Helps

Reason One: Protect Privacy on the Internet

Computer encryption protects your personal information or sensitive information by creating a form of “private mode”, which means you are the only person who can read and write it.

For sure, you should ensure that your emails and messages are encrypted before you send them out. Normally an email or message has the option for encryption in the setting menu, so please turn on the encryption option for your privacy. If you like to open your message or email through your computer, please ensure the SSL encryption is available before you login and read it.

Reason Two: Remove the Chance to be Hacked

Cybercrime is a global issue whether it’s in the crypto world or the internet world. Criminals will hack your computer through spam email, sending viruses to control your computer remotely or extract valuable passwords if you become their target. Hackers most often steal your personal information to gain access to your assets.

Reason Three: Eliminate the Risk of Data Leaks

Data Leak is always a common issue on the Internet. It may be caused by physical exposure, a vulnerability that can be exploited over the Internet, or any other form of exposure that could result in data falling into the hands of unauthorized individuals. Computer encryption helps lower the risk of a data breach. If your computer is lost, computer encryption will make sure that others cannot read the sensitive data stored on the device.

Types of Computer Encryption

We pick up 3 types of computer encryption methods for you to encrypt your devices.

1. Encrypt an individual file or folder

Encrypt only the specific file or folders that you save your sensitive information. If the number of business documents stored on the computer is small, this method is better than no encryption at all.

2. Encrypt the whole disk

Full disk encryption is the most complete method to encrypt a computer. This way, we don’t need to save their information at a specific file or specific location on their computer. But it requires us to have a password or administration rights to encrypt.

3. Use build-in encryption programs

Modern versions of Windows, iOS, and Linux have built-in encryption tools. For Windows, the encryption tool is Microsoft BitLocker. For iOS, Apple FileVault is an app to encrypt on Mac OS. It will store the disk encryption recovery key, and we suggest you write it down on paper, instead of saving it on the cloud. For Linux, the dm-crypt may be a good way to do encryption. You are able to encrypt the disk when you install the operating system.