What is MCDEX and how to use MCDEX on Arbitrum via imToken

What is MCDEX ?

MCDEX is a fully-permissionless DEX for trading perpetual contracts, powered by MCDEX’s own AMM technology.

The MCDEX’s protocol V3 is fully permissionless with several pain-killer features:

  • Immensely lower fee
  • Market- top liquidity — For instance: In the USDC pool, you can trade 500ETH or 40BTC without any slippage with 6M liquidity
  • Faster trading experiences, on par with centralized exchanges
  • Up to 25x leverage

Now, it has gone live on the Arbitrum mainnet.

Switching to Arbitrum

Enter the ETH wallet’s asset page and click “Ethereum Mainnet” under “Wallet”. Select “Arbitrum” in the pop-up window to switch to your Arbitrum wallet showing any Arbitrum tokens you have already added.

You can click “Ecosystem DApps” on the main page to find MCDEX DApp on the front page.

After you get into the MCDEX DApp, you can enter the transaction amount you wanna trade. Also, you are able to change the number of leverage by clicking the leverage number on the red frame and adjust.

We take the Market Price as an example.

  • Choose “Buy / Long”
  • Select “Market order”
  • Enter the order margin or the corresponding contract position in the “amount” input,

Click the “Buy/Long ETH” order button to confirm the order.

MCDEX not only offers the “Market Order”, but also offers “Limit Order” and “Stop Order”. Clicking “Market” — shown in the red frame below — and switch to the trade transaction you want.